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 Intracytoplasmic lumens in breast ductal carcinoma
 Intracytoplasmic lumens in breast ductal carcinoma

Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy

We perform fine needle aspiration biopsies on superficial nodules Monday through Friday. Patients from outside or off-site clinics can be seen 9AM-4PM, at the Head & Neck Oncology Clinic in the Stanford Blake Wilbur Building, 900 Blake Wilbur Drive, 3rd floor. Same-day service and preliminary diagnoses are available upon request. Please contact the FNA service to schedule an FNA biopsy (contact information below). Directions are on the FNA Patient Information Sheet (PDF). Patients from Stanford Clinics or inpatients can be seen 9 AM to 5 PM at their location.
Patients will need to have a written FNA request indicating the biopsy site (indicate if palpable or if ultrasound will be required), any requests for special studies (e.g. flow cytometry, molecular), ordering physician's name and contact information, and an ICD9 code.  If the patient is not registered at Stanford, patient demographics and insurance information will also be required for pre-registration, which will need to be completed before the patient is seen.

FNA Service Contact Information:

Fine needle aspiration biopsies are also performed at the VAPAHCS (pager 650-723-8222, ID 13932)

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